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J O S E F  C I L L O


Josef Cillo

     As a latch-key child of the 1970s and early '80s, I developed problem-solving skills as well as creative interests that shape my approach to artmaking. To create is to be part of the world. I rely on emotional interaction with each project to produce a message that can be open to interpretation.

     My artwork aspires to a level of craftsmanship passed to me through generations. I use a range of media and subject matter to address and represent my interactions with the visual world. I do not limit myself to one genre but instead, draw on various approaches to evoke visual ambiguities and integral nuances. I like that many of my creations are open to multiple interpretations, as this matches my desire to keep my art evolving.

Although I enjoy photographing people, places, and things that are important to me, I am especially comforted by non-objectivity and my continual search for pure composition.

     After years of working in the Atlanta advertising industry, I had the opportunity to become an art instructor I have been instructing and advising an assortment of age levels for the past three decades. I find satisfaction in spreading the art spirit and am currently teaching at an Atlanta private school.  Observing and dialoguing about composition and the meaning behind art have assisted me in articulating my purpose and vision. In between a busy teaching schedule, I work on personal and professional projects in various media.