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J O S E F  C I L L O


Josef Cillo

I am an artist and arts instructor. I grew up with a support system that encouraged me to explore my creative interests. My grandfather put his Polaroid in my hands at age three. In highschool my mother’s interest in photography and the ocean were my strongest inspirations.

I use the medium of photography and a range of subject matter to address and represent my interactions with the visual world.  I do not limit myself to one genre but instead draw on a variety of approaches in order to evoke the visual ambiguities and nuances around me.  I like that many of my images are open to multiple interpretations, as this matches my own desire to keep my art evolving. I am comforted by non-objectivity and by my continual search for composition.

Originally from the Jersey Shore, I graduated from Marietta College, a small school in Ohio where I earned a degree in Advertising. After years of working in a professional digital studio environment I had the opportunity to become an art instructor. I found satisfaction in spreading the art spirit and am currently teaching at an Atlanta private school.

I have been teaching art to an assortment of age levels for over twenty years. My experiences as an art instructor has helped me to better understand my own artistic efforts and reasoning. I am constantly influenced by my students. Years of observing and dialoging about composition and the meaning of their art have assisted me to articulate my own artistic purpose and vision.

In between a busy teaching schedule, I work on personal and professional projects. If you have any interesting photographic ideas please contact me.