I am a photographer and an arts educator. I grew up with a strong family support system that always allowed me to explore my creative interests. My grandfather put his Polaroid in my hands at age three. In college my mother’s interest in photography was my strongest inspiration.

Now I use the medium of photography and a range of subject matter to address and represent my interactions with the visual world.  I do not limit myself to one genre but instead draw on a variety of approaches in order to evoke the visual ambiguities and nuances around me.  I like that many of my images are open to multiple interpretations, as this matches my own desire to keep my art evolving. I am comforted by non-objectivity and by my continual search for pure composition.

I am interested in a wide variety of styles both in studio and out. From the beginning I was moved by the Magnum photographers - Leonard Freed, David Hurn and David Alan Harvey. Jay Maisel and Kieth Carter motivate me with their words of wisdom. I think Terry Richardson is oddly interesting. Early in the twentieth century Aleksander Rodchenko and László Moholy-Nagy helped lay the foundation for photography to be accepted as an art form with their avant-garde
practices. In the studio one of my favorites was Helmut Newton with his vogue honesty.

Originally from the Jersey Shore, I graduated from Marietta College, a small school in Ohio where I earned a degree in Mass Media. After years of working in a professional digital studio environment I had the opportunity to teach photography and foundation arts. I found  satisfaction in spreading the art spirit  and am currently teaching art at an Atlanta private school. In between a busy teaching schedule I shoot freelance assignments and photograph my own projects.



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